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PhD Project Summary

Under the guidance of Richard Jones I am investigating concurrent Garbage Collection (GC). Commodity computer hardware is starting to require explicit multi-threaded software for performance and new NUMA architectures place a heavy penalty on non-local memory accesses. My research seeks to improve concurrent GC performance including reducing non-local GC memory accesses, improving GC work queue generation and investigating trade offs between mutator and GC synchronisation costs.


My publications are available here.

NEW: An extended version of our ISMM 2010 paper is available here The Locality of Concurrent Write Barriers (extended version)

For Conference and Workshop presentations relating to my work see here.

Research Interests

I am a member of the following research groups:

I am also a member of The ACM and The IET. My PLAS seminars can be found here

Excel-Smash: Detecting Plagiarism in Microsoft Excel Assignments

Our HEA ICS 10th Annual Conference presentation on detecting plagiarism within Microsoft Excel assignments can be found here. If you are a member of the academic community and interested in using Excel-Smash please email us


For Autumn 10/11 I am a Assistant Lecturer for:

Modules I have previously helped with can be found here.

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