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My publications are available from the Computer Science department publications repository.

PhD Project Summary

Research Interests

I am a member of the following research groups:

I am currently writing up my PhD Thesis on debugging functional programs.

My main research area is Functional Programming, I am looking at tracing of programs in order to provide better debugging tools, and enable easier learning of functional languages.

I have been looking at comparing traces of correct and incorrect executions of a program in order to automatically locate bugs. I am also using testing to automatically discover correct and incorrect runs.

I am also studying the effect of higher order code on a debugging session. In particular I am studying methods of representing functional values and the effect of different representations on Algorithmic debugging.

I am also interested in laying out graphs of reduction sequences, in order to assist in the design of debugging views. This is also being used to aid program complexity understanding, and give overviews of the stages of computation involved in a given program.

These interests have lead to the development of hat-delta and pretty-hat. Both part of the Hat suite of tools.

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