Pivotal motif


An interactive, document-centered presentation of Haskell

Pivotal is a document-centered presentation of Haskell. It aims to provide a user-friendly environment in which Haskell documents can be interactively developed and manipulated. A Haskell document is essentially an ordinary Haskell module that may also include free-standing Haskell expressions. When a document is displayed, the values of any such expressions are evaluated and displayed in-place.

Pivotal and Vital

Pivotal has similar goals to its predecessor system, Vital. In particular: Unlike Vital, however, Pivotal is implemented entirely in Haskell.

Prototype implementation

This website describes a very basic prototype of Pivotal, developed to establish the feasibility of the approach. It provides only a skeletal implementation of most features and omits many other desirable ones entirely.


Here is an example of a Pivotal document (Example1.hs). Reading from the top, it consists of: Example1.hs

About Pivotal

The overall Pivotal project is being undertaken by Keith Hanna and Stefan Kahrs of the Functional Programming group at Univ of Kent. Comments or suggestions are very welcome.