Installing Vital

Installing Vital on the local machine has the advantage that it is possible to print and to save user-created Haskell documents. (When run under Java Web Start, this is not possible.)

To install Java on a local machine and run it as a Java application:

  • Create a new directory to hold the Vital installation.
  • Download this file (bundle-2005-04-19.jar, about 950kB in size) and save it in the new directory.
  • Unpack it into this directory by executing the command
    jar -xf bundle-2005-04-19.jar
  • The Vital system may then be invoked by executing the command
    java -classpath . vital.Vital
    If there is a file named Startup.hs in the modules sub-directory, then it will be loaded and displayed.
When invoked in this way, user-created Haskell module files will be fetched from, and saved to, the sub-directory ./modules

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsysems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.