ISMM 2000

International Symposium on Memory Management

Steering Committee Rules

The ISMM steering committee, working in partnership with the SIGPLAN Executive Committee, is responsible for the overall organization and finances of each occurrence of ISMM, and to provide continuity from one occurrence to the next.

The main tasks of the steering committee are:

  • To cherish the conference and take whatever actions are necessary to nurture its long-term health and vigor - To provide continuity and institutional memory over the longer term
  • To act as ISMM's voice with our sponsoring organization, ACM SIGPLAN
  • To appoint the conference general chair for each ISMM conference in consultation with the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair
  • To assist and guide the conference general and program chairs on the site, date and program of the of the conference
  • To approve the budget prepared by the general chair (with ACM assistance) before it is submitted to ACM
  • To consult with the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair whenever a major change is planned for the conference
  • To notify the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair when the membership of the steering committee changes

The steering committee operates under the following set of rules, as established by the initial steering committee and approved by SIGPLAN:

  1. Composition of the steering committee: The steering committee comprises six members. These six members shall include the general chairs and program chairs of the previous and next ISMM whenever possible. Efforts will be made to ensure that membership of the steering committee reflects the international status of ISMM.
  2. Rotation of members: At, or shortly after, each ISMM, the steering committee will nominate and approve replacements for at least two and no more than three of its members. Normally no member of the steering committee shall serve for more than 6 years consecutively.
  3. The steering committee is chaired by the general chair of the next ISMM conference.
  4. ISMM is a biennial conference, held in even years (most recently in 1998, next in 2000). Reflecting its international status, ISMM will be held both inside and outside North America on a regular basis. Its precise timing will depend on possibilities for co-location with other symbiotic conferences, but no two occurrences of ISMM will be less than 18 months apart.


ISMM is run in accordance with the ACM guidelines. The steering committee consults with the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair on matters of policy and planning. For more information see:

The general chair of ISMM has full responsibility for running the conference in consultation with the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair. The general chair appoints the program chair, subject to approval by the steering committee, in consultation with the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair.

The outgoing general chair and program chair shall be invited to join the steering committee. The outgoing steering committee shall appoint sufficient new members and members of the old SC to meet the requirements of rule 1 above. The responsibilities of the general chair and steering committee chair, which for ISMM coincide, are detailed in:

The program chair appoints the program committee. Its membership must be approved by the general chair and the SIGPLAN chair and vice-chair. The steering committee must be given an opportunity to offer suggestions, and comments on a proposed program committee, but the decision is taken by the general chair and program chair, not the steering committee. For more information see: