ICSE 2005 Workshop on
Architecting Dependable Systems

St. Louis, Missouri - USA
17 May, 2005


Rogério de Lemos
University of Kent at Canterbury

Alexander Romanovsky
University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Andrea Bondavalli (Italy)
Geoffrey Coulson (UK)
Betty Cheng (USA)
Ivica Crnkovic (Sweden)
Cristina Gacek (UK)
Marie-Claude Gaudel (France)
Holger Giese (Germany)
Nicolas Guelfi (Luxembourg)
Philip Koopman (USA)
Steven Lumetta (USA)
Nenad Medvidovic (USA)
Priya Narasimhan (USA)
Dewayne Perry (USA)
Debra Richardson (USA)
Cecília Rubira (Brazil)
Alexander Wolf (Switzerland, USA)

This workshop will continue the initiative, which started three years ago, of bringing together the international communities of software architectures and dependability. The first workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems was organised during ICSE 2002, and since then four workshops were organised and two books were published ( Last year this activity has culminated with the organisation of Twin Workshops, which were held at ICSE 2004 and DSN 2004 (Dependable Systems and Networks), and there are plans to organise in the near future other Twin Workshops. This series have shown to be a fertile ground for both communities for clarifying approaches that have been previously tried and succeeded, as well as those that have been tried but have not yet shown to be successful. This not only helps avoid the reinvention of the wheel, but also clarifies and promotes areas where the most promising research may lie.

The program of the workshop will promote the discussion in the area of architecting dependable systems by focusing on two basic questions: what are the architectural principles involved in building dependable systems? How should these architectures be evaluated?


The aim of the workshop is to bring together the communities of software architectures and dependability to discuss the state of research and practice when dealing with dependability issues at the architecture level. We are interested in submissions from both industry and academia on all topics related to software architectures for dependable systems. These include, but are not limited to:

  • dependability modeling in software architectures;
  • verification and validation (including model checking) of dependable software architectures;
  • adaptable architectures for achieving dependability;
  • architectural support for self-healing, self-repairing, self-stabilizing systems;
  • run-time checks of architectural models;
  • dependability evaluation in software architectures;
  • architectural patterns for dependable systems;
  • exception handling in software architectures;
  • redundancy and diversity at the level of architectures;
  • dependable architectures and implementation.


The workshop is open to all researchers, system developers and users who are involved with or have an interest in dependability at the architecture level. We encourage all the prospective participants to submit an extended abstract, work-in-progress report or position paper.

The submissions must conform to the proceedings publication format (ACM Guidelines) and should not exceed five pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures. They should explain the contribution to the field and the novelty of the work, making clear the current status of the work. Workshop paper submissions should be sent electronically (preferably in PDF format), by the submission date, to The submissions will be reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee.


Submission deadline: ** 28 February 2005 **
Author notification: 21 March 2005
Publication ready copy: 4 April 2005