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Mar 19, 2018
15:00 - 16:00
PLAS: Jeremy Yallop (University of Cambridge)
PLAS Group Seminar
Partially static data as free extension of algebras

Partially-static data structures are a well-known technique for improving binding times. However, they are often defined in an ad-hoc manner, without a unifying framework that would ensure full use of the equations associated with each operation.

We present a foundational view of partially-static data structures as free extensions of algebras for suitable equational theories, i.e. the coproduct of an algebra and a free algebra in the category of algebras and their homomorphisms.

By precalculating these free extensions, we construct a high-level library of partially static data representations for common algebraic structures. We demonstrate our library with common use-cases from the literature: string and list manipulation, linear algebra, and numerical simplification.

(This is joint work with Tamara von Glehn and Ohad Kammar)

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