School of Computing

Feb 26
13:00 - 14:00
Data Science: Bilal Mateen (UCL Hospitals)
Data Science Group Seminar
There is (almost) nothing new about AI in Health

Abstract: The issues that have plagued diagnostic and prognosis research for the last several decades now seek to undermine machine learning and artificial intelligence based research in health. This presentation will take a short walk through a literature rich with examples of what not to do, in an effort to illustrate how 20 simple questions can be the difference between objectively questionable, and barely acceptable; a standard to which all research should (at minimum) aspire! From gems such as framing a question in a manner genuinely relevant to clinical practice, to ensuring you don't assume clairvoyance in your validation framework, we'll cover the entire lifecycle from computer bench to bedside.


Intellectual Hub,
Medway Building,
University of Kent,
Chatham Maritime,
United Kingdom


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