School of Computing

Oct 11, 2019
11:00 - 12:00
Quantum ICMetrics
School of Computing - Security Group Seminar
Speaker: Dan Bard, University of Kent


With the rise of quantum computers fast approaching, many widely-deployed public-key cryptosystems, such as RSA and ECC, will become vulnerable due to the quantum computers' ability to efficiently factor large integers (Shor's Algorithm). Whilst this project doesn't address the immediate problems caused by the rise of quantum computers, it looks at the creation of a protocol which can be used alongside current post-quantum cryptography methods such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Quantum ICMetrics is a protocol born from the concept of creating an ICMetric (a unique signature for an Integrated Circuit in the same vein as a biometric fingerprint) key for a quantum machine based on the unique quantum signature of the machine. The protocol surrounding this would then utilise this key within a wider network of quantum machines using a Web of Trust like system, allowing more devices to be added without the need of a central authority. This shall all be done using purely quantum communications with no classical computational elements in play. The talk will give an introduction to the protocol as well as some of the problems it might solve.


Dan Bard is a PhD student from the School of Computing here at the University of Kent. After completing his BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science here he moved straight into working on his PhD focusing on quantum computational primitives. His current project of Quantum ICMetrics has him working closely with EDA and he hopes to continue it well into his PhD.


Cornwallis South West,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


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