EPCoS papers from Project'98 (April 8-9, 1998)

Project'98 was a workshop organised by three FDTL projects: EPCoS Effective Project Work in Computer Science (University of Kent: 12/96), ISSN Industrial Software Support Network (University of Sheffield: 113/96) and PROF@T: Personal and Professional Skills in Computer Science - Disseminating Excellent Practice (University of Teesside: 77/96).

The proceedings of Project'98 were published by Springer as Projects in the Computing Curriculum: Proceedings of the Project'98 workshop, Sheffield 1998 Mike Holcombe, Andy Stratton, Sally Fincher & Gary Griffiths (eds) ISBN 1-85233-010-4

EPCoS papers from Computer Science Education

Special Issue: Projectwork in Computer Science Education (Vol 9, issue 3: December 1999)

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