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PhD Project Summary

I am in the PLAS research group, studying Weak Memory behaviours with Mark Batty.

I'm working on formalisations of memory models and tools to simulate them, with the intention of supporting full C/C++11 memory behaviours and and comparisons to other existing memory models.


I recently gave a talk at the Aarhus Concurrency Workshop positioning research on a memory model for relaxed memory consistency presented by Jeffrey and Riely in LICS'16. I spoke about the merits of this model, and how it's being developped by myself and others at Kent, and our directions going forward. Slides are available here.



I have taught CO656: Internet of Things this term. I have also taught some OCaml on the CO658: Programming Language Implementation module. If you're a student with questions about a teaching matter, please email my staff address: . Otherwise my regular email address is above.

Postgraduate Student Rep

I'm one of the Student Reps for Postgraduate Research Students in Computer Science at Canterbury. I sit on the Postgraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee, and the School Board of Graduate Studies.

Research Interests

I am a member of the following research groups:

My research interests relate to Weak Memory Models, Semantics, and Correctness.

Other interests

In my free time I like to fly gliders, hack around with electronics and machinery and listen to semi-peculiar music. I keep a personal website here, and I can be found on the KentIRC.

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