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Hiya! Welcome to my web page. More stuff is available on my official home page.

A more careful breakdown of my research can be found on my research page.

Read my java tutorial, entitled Object Oriented Programming for Pedestrians. This is an 81 page postscript file that should print on most printers.

When I have a little time I'll put somemore details of things on here!

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If you're really desperate then you can mail me : If things are working okay then you can just click on that and it should work, but I don't really trust these new fangled inventions and still use Berkeley Mail by typing "Mail" at a Unix prompt. But I've got more interesting things to do with my life than learn this month's flavour of the moment mailer/editor/whateverer with all the latest bells and whistles ;-)

Okay then I can't think of anything else to say, so I'll drop merrily off the end of the page here. Relax and enjoy . . .

Computing Laboratory
University of Kent
Kent, CT2 7NF

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