Symposium on

Emotion, cognition, and affective computing.

AISB'01 Convention

21st - 24th March 2001

University of York, United Kingdom


In recent years there has been much diverse work which explores the use of computing in ways which involve human emotion. This area is commonly referred to as affective computing. This includes work on the use of emotions in human-computer interaction, AI and agent architecures which are inspired by the mechanisms of emotion, the use of emotion in computer-mediated communication, the study of human emotion through computers and philosophical issues concerning, for example, the extent to which it is meaningful to talk about emotion in computational terms.

Much work has been done in these areas in recent years, and we feel that this symposium will present an opportunity to bring together and consolidate these ideas, and raise questions about future directions for this area of study.

Programme Committee

Committee chair
Colin G. Johnson.
Computing Laboratory.
University of Kent at Canterbury.
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NX, England.
Programme committee



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