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The Miranda™ system is a product of Research Software Limited and is not open-source, but these binaries may be freely downloaded for personal or educational use. The software has been used by a large number of people over many years and has been continuously maintained, so it should be very reliable, but it comes without warranty (see license). As the software is free, naturally it comes without support. But you are welcome to report bugs or installation problems to (see note on spam).

Please note that rehosting or redistribution of any of the Miranda executables requires specific authorization and is not permitted otherwise.

To be notified of new versions put yourself on the mailing list.

The Windows version of Miranda requires Cygwin to be installed first, with these components.

If you require a commercial license for Miranda or have other queries about licensing, email (see note on spam). or write to

        Research Software Limited
        23 St Augustines Road
        Kent CT1 1XP

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