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The Miranda software comes without warranty, see the file COPYING in the source directory.

NEW 64bit compatible: Miranda™ source release version 2.066 of 31 January 2020. Note: this differs from version 2.065 in replacing uses of putw/getw in data.c by fwrite/fread for POSIX compliance.

The code has been revised to meet current C language standards (C11/C18) and will compile to 64 bit binaries on a 64 bit machine and 32 bit binaries on a 32 bit machine. It has been tested on Debian, Ubuntu, WSL/Ubuntu, and MacOS (Catalina). It may still contain errors and needs testing on other platforms. Please report problems to (note: this email stopped working for a while but has now been fixed). To be notified of new versions put yourself on the mailing list.

The most recent 32 bit source release is version 2.057 of 8 December 2019.

This is 32 bit software, originally written in the 1980's but continuously maintained since. It is known to work on Linux and 32bit Cygwin. On MacOS (Catalina) it will compile but not run as 32 bit binaries are no longer supported. For a later 64 bit-compatible version see higher up this page.

Here are some older binary versions:

The Windows version of Miranda requires Cygwin to be installed first, with these components.

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