RECENT CHANGES (extracted from online manual)

May 2006 (version 2032)

The online manual pages have been revised to reflect minor changes and remove out-of-date material.

The commands /nostrictif, /strictif to control enforcement of if in guard syntax have been removed. The if has been part of Miranda's syntax since 1988 so it seems pointless to retain this switch. In case there are surviving if-less scripts, you can use

        mira -nostrictif
or set the environment variable NOSTRICTIF to any non-empty string.

New command /recheck makes mira check if any loaded script has been updated before every evaluation, instead of only after /edit (/norecheck to disable). Appropriate if an editor window is running concurrently with the Miranda session window. The setting is remembered for subsequent sessions. Formerly enabled by setting environment variable RECHECKMIRA to a non-empty string - that method still works also.

A new flag

        mira -log
assists debugging of miranda scripts running as stand-alone programs. See manual section on using Miranda to build commands, under UNIX/Miranda system interface (subsection 31/4).

mira now checks that it has miralib of same version number - exits with error message otherwise. An explicit mira -lib <path> overrides this but it is in general inadvisable to run mira with wrong miralib.

A number of minor bugs have been fixed, including one that prevented Miranda from being used to write CGI scripts.