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The matrix package again, but parameterised over an arbitrary element type, with a zero, a unit and four functions of arithmetic. Example - to instantiate this package with numbers as the element type, in another script, say:-
    %include <ex/genmat> { elem==num; zero=0; unit=1; 
                           plus=+; minus=-; times=*; divide=/; }
However another possibility would be to use the package to do matrix calculations over rationals (as defined in <ex/rational>) thus:-
    %include <ex/genmat>
             { elem==rational; zero=mkrat 0; unit=mkrat 1; 
               plus=rplus; minus=rminus; times=rtimes; divide=rdiv; }

%export matrix idmat matadd matsub matmult prescalmult postscalmult
        mkrow mkcol det adjoint inv

%free { elem :: type
        zero, unit :: elem
        plus, minus, times, divide :: elem->elem->elem

matrix == [[elem]]

idmat :: num->matrix ||identity matrix of given size
idmat n = [[delta i j|j<-[1..n]]|i<-[1..n]]
          delta i j = unit, if i=j
                    = zero, otherwise

matadd :: matrix->matrix->matrix
matadd x y = map2 vadd x y
             vadd x y = map2 plus x y

matsub :: matrix->matrix->matrix
matsub x y = map2 vsub x y
             vsub = map2 minus

matmult :: matrix->matrix->matrix
matmult x y = outer inner x (transpose y)  ||*
inner x y = summate (map2 times x y)
outer f x y = [[f a b|b<-y]|a<-x]

||*note that transpose is already defined in the standard environment

summate = foldl plus zero

prescalmult :: elem->matrix->matrix ||premultiply a matrix by a scalar
prescalmult n x = map (map (times n)) x

postscalmult :: elem->matrix->matrix ||postmultiply a matrix by a scalar
postscalmult n x = map (map ($times n)) x

||we need both the above because element multiplication may not be

mkrow :: [elem]->matrix ||make vector into matrix with a single row
mkrow x = [x]

mkcol :: [elem]->matrix ||make vector into matrix with a single column
mkcol x = map (:[]) x

det :: matrix->elem ||determinant, of square matrix
det [[a]] = a
det xs = summate [(xs!0!i) $times cofactor 0 i xs|i<-index xs], if #xs=#xs!0
       = error "det of nonsquare matrix",                       otherwise
cofactor i j xs = parity (i+j) $times det (minor i j xs)
minor i j xs = [omit j x | x<-omit i xs]
omit i x = take i x ++ drop (i+1) x

parity i = unit,             if i mod 2 = 0
         = zero $minus unit, otherwise

adjoint :: matrix->matrix ||adjoint, of square matrix
adjoint xs = transpose[[cofactor i j xs | j<-index xs] | i <- index xs]

inv :: matrix->matrix ||inverse, of non-singular square matrix
inv xs = transpose[[cofactor i j xs $divide h | j<-index xs] | i <- index xs]
         h = det xs
||The above is a literal transcription of the mathematical definition of
||matrix inverse.  A less naive version of the package would rewrite 
||this to use Gaussian elimination.

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