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#! /usr/bin/mira -exp

output :: [sys_message]
output = map f (tl $*), if # $* > 1
       = [Stdout (revlines $-)], otherwise ||no files, so use stdin

f :: [char]->sys_message
f fil = Stderr ("mrev: cannot open "++fil++"\n"), if badfile
      = Stdout (revlines (read fil)),             otherwise
        badfile = ~ member (filemode fil) 'r'

revlines :: [char]->[char]
revlines = reverse.lines

This shows how to implement a UNIX command in Miranda - see under ``UNIX/Miranda system interface'' in the manual for more details. The usage of this command from a UNIX shell is
        mrev [file] ...
If no files given, takes data from stdin. This is a Miranda version of the UNIX command rev which reverses each line of its input.

This example is a template for turning any Miranda function of type [char]->[char] into a UNIX filter. Replace `revlines' in the above text, by your chosen function. More typically the function is defined in a normal Miranda script and acquired here by a %include directive, so its definition is not recompiled each time the program is executed.

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