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output = concat[l++"\n"|l<-selflines]

selflines = mklines 1

mklines n = ("the "++ord n++" line is:"):

ord n = show n++suffix n

suffix 1 = "st"
suffix 2 = "nd"
suffix 3 = "rd"
suffix n = "th",             if n=0 \/ 3<=n&n<=9
         = "th",             if (n mod 100)div 10 = 1 ||because of 11,12,13
         = suffix(n mod 10), otherwise

This produces an endless self describing scroll of lines, as follows

      the 1st line is
      "the 1st line is"
      the 2nd line is
      ""the 1st line is""
      the 3rd line is
      "the 2nd line is"
To see the result, say
Hit control-C (interrupt) when you have seen enough. If you would like to send the output to a file, say
      output &> fil
where `fil' is the name of the file in which you want to put it. This will create a background job

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