Dotdot notation

The following abbreviations are provided for  denoting  lists,  of  type
[num],  whose  members form a finite or infinite arithmetic series.  Let
`a', `b', `c' stand for arbitrary numeric expressions.

        [a..b]     list of numbers from a to b inclusive, interval = 1
        [a..]      infinite list starting at a and increasing by 1
        [a,b..c]   arithmetic series, first member a, second member b,
                   last member not greater than c (if b-a non-negative)
                   or not less than c (if b-a negative).
        [a,b..]    infinite series starting at a, interval = (b-a)

So the notation [1..10] has as value  the  list  [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10].
Here are some more examples

        nats = [0..]
        evens = [0,2..]
        odds_less_than_100 = [1,3..99]
        neg_odds = [-1,-3..]
        tenths = [1.0,1.1 .. 2.0]