About the name `Miranda'

The word `Miranda' is not an acronym.  It is a proper name (like `ADA').

"Miranda (f).  From the Latin meaning `to be admired'.   This  name  was
first used by Shakespeare for the heroine of `The Tempest', a young girl
blessed with many admirable qualities.  Like other unusual Shakespearean
names it has been used quite frequently in the 20th century."

               - Collins Dictionary of First Names,
                 William Collins and Son Ltd, London, 1967

"O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! O brave new world."

               - `The Tempest' by William Shakespeare
                 (from a speech by Miranda, Act 5, Scene 1)

Important Note.  When used as  the  name  of  a  functional  programming
system,  `Miranda' is a trademark (tm) of Research Software Ltd.

Note that only the first letter of Miranda is upper  case  -  it  should
never be written all in capitals.