exp             evaluate a Miranda expression
exp &> file     send value of expression to file (background process)
exp &>> file    append value of expression to file (background process)
exp ::          print type of exp
?               list all identifiers currently in scope
?identifier(s)  give more information about identifier(s)
??identifier    open source file at definition of identifier
!command        execute any UNIX shell command
!!              repeat last shell command
/edit           edit current script (default editor = vi or joe)
/edit filename  edit filename
/file           display filename of current script
/file filename  change to new current script
/help           display this command summary
/man            ENTER ONLINE REFERENCE MANUAL (menu driven)
/quit           quit the Miranda system

each "/" command can be abbreviated to its first letter - /e /f /h /m /q
% is shorthand for the name of the current script (in commands)
Special case - note that `/f %' forces recompilation of current script
$$ is shorthand for the last expression evaluated (in expressions)
For a list of auxiliary commands say /aux