/aux  /a          print this list of auxiliary commands
/cd [dirname]     change directory (defaults to home directory)
/count (/nocount) switch on (off) statistics following each evaluation
/dic              report size of dictionary for storing names etc
/editor           report name of text editor used by ?? and /e commands
/editor PROG      change resident editor to PROG (see below)             **
/find id(s)       like `?ids' but look under original names of aliases
/gc (/nogc)       switch on (off) garbage collection reports
/heap             report size of heap
/heap SIZE        set heap to SIZE cells
/hush (/nohush)   switch off (on) prompts and other unnecessary feedback
/list (/nolist)   (dis)enable listing of script to screen when compiling **
/miralib          report absolute pathname of the directory miralib
/recheck (/norecheck) (dis)enable busy checking for script updates       **
/settings  /s     print current settings of flags
/version  /v      print version information
||...             lines beginning in `||' are ignored (comment facility)

commands marked (**) are sticky, i.e. remembered for subsequent sessions
if you don't like the resident editor choose another - recommended editors
include - vi, joe, nano, pico, emacs - for more info see /man section 31(5)
/recheck enables a check for update of any relevant source file before
every evaluation, instead of only after /e[dit] - appropriate if an
editor window is kept open alongside the mira session window.