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Bibliography of papers on supervised machine learning applied to ageing research

The following table contains a list of papers that apply supervised machine learning (classification or regression) algorithms to study the biological ageing process, mainly from a biological or biomedical perspective. This bibliography focusses on works that interpret the results of the supervised machine learning models to gain some type of biological insight. Note that the focus of the papers in this list is the study of the process of biological ageing in a more "holistic" sense, rather than focusing on specific ageing-related diseases.

This bibliography was initially based on the table present in our paper A review of supervised machine learning applied to ageing research, but we intend to keep updating this bibliography as more papers are published on this topic.

If you know some paper that fits the scope of this bibliography and is not included in the table below, please e-mail me at ( with the subject "Supervised machine learning applied to ageing research" with the new reference, so that I can add it to the list.

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Last Updated: 14/03/2017