Decoding Fred's Hand-Written Scribbles

Here are some things you might find on your scripts/dissertations/theses after I've scribbled on them, and what they mean:

gr.grammar (e.g. it's/its, their/they're/there, punctuation)
~gr.grammar of a whole phrase/sentence (reads badly, etc.)
~~waffly sentence, rephrase (tildes often stacked)
(wiggled underline)bad choice of word/phrase
contra.contradictory, usually with something written earlier
ref.missing/broken reference
dup!duplicated code (bad!)

My writing isn't the neatest ever, and I'm quite happy to talk through my comments if you'd like -- mail me, or randomly wander by the office (although I'm not always there!).

Last modified 13th September 2005 by Fred Barnes.