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My publications are available from the University of Kent's Academic Repository.

Research Interests

I belong to the following research groups:

My research interests are centred on developing mathematically rigorous theories and tools to support software practitioners in specifying, designing, maintaining and implementing concurrent and distributed programs. In particular, I currently work on the following topics:
  • Choreography reconstruction: how to build a bird's eye view of a distributed system from specifications of its components. See [CONCUR'12, POPL'15] notably.
  • Relationships between session types and automata theories: session types are a type discipline for concurrent programs (typing the behaviour of a program instead of its data). Session types theories relate to many other theories (e.g., model checking, communicating automata, etc). See [TACAS'16,FoSSaCS'17,CAV'19,CONCUR'19].
  • Static verification of message-passing programs. In particular, I am working on a tool and theory to statically detect deadlocks in Go programs. See [POPL'17,ICSE'18] on this topic. These papers have been nicely summarised by other people: see this post and this other post on the Morning Paper blog, as well as this blog post. See also the related survey we have done with Nicolas Dilley, see [SANER'19].


I am currently teaching on the following courses: I also supervise BSc and MSc projects (CO600 and CO880 modules).

Professional Activities

About Me

Before joining the School of Computing at Kent, I was a Research Associate at Imperial College London, in the team of Nobuko Yoshida in the project From Data Types to Session Types -- A Basis for Concurrency and Distribution. I obtained my PhD from the University of Leicester under the supervision of Emilio Tuosto, while working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Before moving to Leicester, I worked for a year in The Netherlands at the European Space Agency in the On-board Software Systems section, as part of the YGT programme. I am originally from Belgium, where I graduated (BSc and MSc) from the University of Namur -- Maitrise en Science Informatique, avec Grande Distinction.

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