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Mark Wheadon's Home Page

What's Here?


If you'd like to know what I'm up to at the moment then you could could do worse than check out my blog at — although having visited there, you may still be none the wiser :-)


You could check out my music. It's synthesiser based, mostly high energy vocal / instrumental with the occasional ballad. A selection of tracks in mp3 format is available entirely free of charge at I also get a trickle of enquiries about my "Just One More Hack" song of years ago (to the best of my knowledge, the only song ever written about a debugger :-), so here's more information on "the ups song", including the all important mp3 file.


I've always been into photography, and keep a collection of photos that I believe may be interesting to others at In a similar vein, there's some virtual photography of mine available here, created using POV-Ray, Poser, Gille Tran's excellent maketree POV-Ray macro and (grin) vi.


I'm currently developing for the Google Android platform. See Photo Enhance Pro in the Android Market. If you own a Psion palmtop computer (and I'll admit they're getting pretty rare nowadays) then you may be interested in my shareware for the Psion 5mx, Revo, MC218, 5, 3c, 3a and Siena.

R/C flying

Alternatively, if you're interested in radio controlled model aircraft then you may wish to click here for information on one of my creations, an electrically powered ducted-fan model based on the Saab Viggen. I've done other R/C projects since, but this is the last one I documented I'm afraid (time's precious enough, without spending it on photographing and documenting what I do in my spare time :-).

With so little free time at the moment (my daughter, ultra-active Ella, takes up pretty much every waking moment of my life :-) my current R/C projects are off-the-shelf: an Ikarus Shock-Flyer that's small enough to sit in the corner of my office and come out on sunny lunch-times, and a Micro Mosquito for practical at-home indoor flying which doesn't threaten to injure anyone or demolish the furniture (grin).

..and that's all there is on the Web

If you're not interested in R/C aircraft, you don't own an Android device or a Psion, and you have no taste in music, photography or art (grin) then I guess there's really nothing here for you.


Where am I? I work within the School of Computing of the University of Kent, Canterbury. Where's that? Here's a map.



School of Computing, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 824180 or contact us.

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