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De3ender is a no-compromise version of the mid-eighties arcade game Defender running on a Psion 3a, 3c or 3mx.

Here are some quotes from email feedback I've been receiving about De3ender and the Siena version Siender; and yes, they are all genuine:

	``It's a superb implementation''

	``Hey, GREAT game!''

	``Again: congratulations!''

	``Great game''

	``This is a great piece of programming and could knock Jumpy
	  off the pedestal of best Psion shareware game.''

	``Your programme is one of the best that I have seen on the
	  psion 3a.  Impressed.''

	``I love Siender!! I think that along with Jumpy classic, its
	  definitely a must have for the Siena.''

	``Definitely the best siena game around.''

	``Thanks for De3ender - I want you to have my babies. Just send
	  me your address and I'll pop them into a "Jiffy Bag".''
Also, check out Steve Litchfield's enthusiastic mini-review at 3-lib or look in issue 18 of Palmtop Magazine where he gives De3ender the full treatment. If you don't subscribe to Palmtop Magazine then maybe you should? It's a great bi-monthly magazine for Psion users. Their web page can be found at http://www.palmtop.co.uk/.

Like to try out De3ender, free of charge? It's available for download from here.

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