Mark's Psion Shareware


On the 5mx and 5

And now, on the Revo


DeVender is a no-compromise version of the mid-eighties arcade game Defender running on the Psion Series 5mx, Revo, Series 5 and compatibles such as Ericsson's MC218.

Here's a few quotes from the email feedback I've been receiving about deVender; and yes, they're genuine:

	``Excellent! I've already got it installed and it looks great.''

	``The game is by far the fastest I've seen on the psion 5.  WoW!''

	``...a most excellent and enjoyable program.''

	``<.....> HELL!!!!  THAT IS SO FAST AND SMOOTH''*
*OK, so I edited that last one a little :-)

Like to try out deVender, free of charge? It's available for download from here. For information on registering deVender, press here.

Alternatively, why not download deVender as part of the EPOC Arcade Pack?

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