Mark's Psion Shareware Downloads

Each of my software titles is available as a zip file. Once you have pulled the file, you will need to unzip it (for example, by using a PC and the excellent utility winzip, available from here).

Once you have unzipped the file, you will then see a text file called Readme.txt. This contains clear and simple instructions on how to install the software on your Psion.

DeVender De3ender Siender Patsiena

...and for deVender and de3ender only

I have pulled sound samples from the original game from Tim Foley's Defender page and converted them to Psion's sound format.

For deVender on the Series 5/mx and Revo, simply install them in the same way as any other package. For de3ender, just unzip them into your Psion's \App\de3ender\ folder.

Your copy of Defender will then even sound like the original!

Beware though, the authentic sounds are not small, so you will need an additional 68K of free memory on your Psion in which to store them. Still interested? OK - here's the zip file for deVender and here it is for de3ender.

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