... "Just before supper-time the porter appeared with a telegram.

Grant put his thumb under the dainty Post Office lick on the flap and
extracted two sheets of telegram. The telegram was from Brent.

Hell and damnation an awful thing has happened (stop) you know that
chronicle in Latin I talked about (stop) the chronicle written by the
monk at Croyland Abbey (stop) well I've just seen it and the rumour is
there the rumour about the boys being dead (stop) the thing is written
before Richard's death so we are sunk aren't we and I specially am sunk
and that fine book of mine will never be written (stop) is anyone allowed
to commit suicide in your river or is it reserved for the British.


Into the silence the voice of the porter said: 'It's reply-paid, sir. Do
you want to send an answer?' " ...

A few pages later:

..."'I want to know what became of all the York heirs that Richard left so
alive and well and prosperous. Every single one of them. Can you do that
for me?'

'Sure. That's elementary.'

'And I could bear to know more about Tyrrel. About the man himself,
I mean. Who he was, and what he had done.'

'I'll do that.' Carradine got up with such an on-with-the-charge air that
for one moment Grant thought that he was actually going to button his
coat. 'Mr Grant, I'm so grateful to you for all this--this--'

'This fun and games?'

'When you're on your feet again, I'll--I'll--I'll take you ... .'"...

The Daughter of Time (1951), Josephine TEY (a.k.a. Gordon DAVIOT) -- pseudonyms of Elizabeth MacKINTOSH (1896-1952)