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The Software Engineering & Technology Group, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark

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Bits and pieces of Java code...

This page contains various bits and pieces of Java code, all publicly downloadable. Most are BlueJ projects, provided as material for various publications.

For the paper:

Enhancing Apprentice-Based Learning
David J.Barnes, Michael Kölling, John Rosenberg
submitted for publication at SIGCSE 2003

First stage of the World of Zuul project, as originally handed out (with bad design structure) zuul-bad.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
Second stage of the Zuul project, with the changes discussed and made by the lecturer ('Step 1' in the paper) zuul-better.zip (zipped BlueJ project)


For the paper:

The BlueJ system and its pedagogy
Michael Kölling, Bruce Quig, Andrew Patterson, John Rosenberg
Position paper for the Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for Assimilating Object Oriented Concepts

The 'shapes' example. shapes.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
The 'picture' example. picture.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
The 'calculator' example. calculator.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
The 'blocks' example. blocks.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
The 'imageviewer' example. imageviewer.zip (zipped BlueJ project)
The 'World of Zuul' example. zuul-better.zip (zipped BlueJ project)