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Peter Linington

Emeritus Professor of Computer Communication

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My publications are available from the University of Kent's Academic Repository.

Research Interests

I belong to the following research groups:

Standardization of Open Distributed Processing (ODP)

I have been involved in the standardization of the ODP Reference Model and its various supporting standards since the activity started. I participate regularly in UK national and ISO meetings, and have represented ISO in liaisons with OMG.

Enterprise constraints and policies

One of the most active pieces of work on ODP at the moment is the standardization of the Enterprise Language. The idea of the ODP Enterprise Viewpoint is to give a focus for the organizational policies and constraints that guide the design and operation of the ODP systems supporting the enterprise. If such specifications exist, they can be used to automate more aspects of system generation.

Multimedia systems

Over recent years we have built a number of multimedia systems to test various architectural ideas, and have fed the results back into the ODP standardization process. The most recent activity involved the creation and field trial of a tourist information system based on interactive video. This allowed users to navigate round a tour of Tunbridge Wells, using a touch screen to select features in the video image.

System performance and simulation

The PERMABASE project has developed techniques for the creation of performance models directly from UML designs and information about the platforms on which they are to operate. A novel simulation engine has been produced to meet the needs of this project.

ATM network performance

The Laboratory has an ATM networking testbed, and I use this to investigate the way ATM switches affect the timing distribution of the streams of cells being transmitted. Measurements of this type can be used to identify and interpret networking problems.

Monitoring of the UK academic network

I am a member of the Technical Advisory Unit (TAU), responsible for negotiating and monitoring the service level agreements for the JANET network and associated services. We measure day-to-day performance and analyse the data produced to identify usage trends.

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