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Walker, R., Kenny, P. and Miao, J. (2007). Simulation trails improve accuracy and efficiency in astrophysical simulations. SPIE Newsroom [Online] 2007:1-3. Available at:
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Book section
Walker, R., Kenny, P. and Miao, J. (2007). Exploratory simulation for astrophysics. in: Erbacher, R. F. et al. eds. Visualization and Data Analysis 2007. SPIE Press, p. .
Conference or workshop item
Walker, R., Kenny, P. and Miao, J. (2009). Balancing resolution and response in computational steering with simulation trails. in: Hamid, R. A. and Deligiannidis, L. eds. Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods. CSREA Press, pp. 167-172.
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