1. Introduction

by Rogério de Lemos (University of Kent, UK)

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This report aims to provide a CaberNet vision of Research, Training and Development (RTD) in distributed and dependable systems. It takes as a basis the state-of-the-art (SOTA) Report by John Bates of Cambridge University [Bates1998], which was commissioned by CaberNet as a first step towards the definition of a roadmap for European research in distributed and dependable systems. However, different from the original SOTA Report, it is not the objective of this report to analyse Europe's position with reference to worlwide SOTA. Instead, the RTD Vision Report focus on the current state of affairs in Europe, by enumerating research projects in distributed and dependable systems that CaberNet member nodes are currently involved.

This RTD Vision Report is a working document that will be continuously updated during the duration of CaberNet. In its current version, the overall structure of the RTD Vision Report roughly follows that of the SOTA Report. However, as a reflection of the fact that research interests have changed in recent years, some chapters have been omitted (Distributed Shared Memory, Distributed Groupware and Supporting Persistent Data for Distributed Applications) and others combined (Languages for Distributed Programming and Distributed Systems Theory). In the next edition of the RTD Vision Report, its structure will be once again re-visited to check whether its topics correspond to current state and future directions of research in distributed and dependable systems. Some of the new topics that will be considered are: critical infrastructures, systems survivability, and novel approaches to dependable computing.

For each chapter of the RTD Vision Report the following structure is adopted: a link to the chapter in the SOTA Report, introductory paragraphs on ongoing research and future directions, a list of CaberNet activities, and a list of key references. The CaberNet activities are presented as a list of projects. Each project is described in terms of title, a brief abstract, the URL for the project, and the list of CaberNet member nodes involved.


[Bates1998] J. Bates. "The State of the Art in Distributed and Dependable Computing". CaberNet Report. October 1998. http://www.newcastle.research.ec.org/cabernet/sota/report/ (October 2002).

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