9.Distributed Event-based Systems

by Ian Pratt and Steve Hand (University of Cambridge, UK)

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Ongoing Research

A large number of projects are working in the general area of event-based systems. One interesting area is the the development of event distribution systems built over peer-to-peer networks (e.g. the SCRIBE system developed at Microsoft Research UK). Others are looking at leveraging event systems to support business processes since the event-based approach facilitates customized information flows and allows implementation in a "natural" way (e.g. the REBECA project at Uni. Darmstadt, Germany).

Future Directions

A heartbeat infrastructure is needed to cope with the distributed system characteristics of service and network failure. Work on federated systems must continue and allow communication between domains and event system within those domains. Access control (visibility or scoping) also must be be addressed. A futher interesting direction is the wide-scale deployment of event systems over multicast (IP or overlay) to investigate the properties and problems of high-volume, wide-area, event notification.

CaberNet Related Activities


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