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[abra67] John Abramowich. Storage allocation in a certain iterative process. Communications of the ACM, 10(6):368-370, June 1967.

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[cohe13] Nachshon Cohen and Erez Petrank. Limitations of partial compaction: Towards practical bounds. In PLDI 2013 [PLDI13], 2013. Available here.

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[cohe67a] Jacques Cohen. A use of fast and slow memories in list-processing languages. Communications of the ACM, 10(2):82-86, February 1967.

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[LCTES11] ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems, Chicago, IL, April 2011. ACM Press. Available here.

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[mcca59] John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky. Artificial intelligence, quarterly progress report no. 53. Technical report, Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT, April 1959.

[mcca62] John McCarthy et al.. Lisp 1.5 Programmer's Manual, 1962.

[mcca60] John McCarthy. Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machine, Part I. Communications of the ACM, 3(4):184-195, April 1960. Available here.

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[VEE11] Erez Petrank and Doug Lea, editors. 7th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments, Newport Beach, CA, March 2011. ACM Press. Available here.

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[weiz64] J. Weizenbaum. More on the reference counter method. Communications of the ACM, 7(1):38, 1964.

[weiz69] J. Weizenbaum. Recovery of reentrant list structures in SLIP. Communications of the ACM, 12(7):370-372, July 1969. Available here.

[wilk64] Maurice V. Wilkes. An experiment with a self-compiling compiler for a simple list-processing language. Annual Review in Automatic Programming, 4:1-48, 1964.

[wilk64a] Maurice V. Wilkes. Lists and why they are useful. In 19th ACM National Conference. ACM Press, August 1964.

[wise66] N. E. Wiseman. A simple list processing package for the PDP-7. In DECUS 2nd European Seminar, pages 37-42, Aachen, October 1966.

[wodo69] P. L. Wodon. Data structure and storage allocation. BIT, 9(3):270-282, 1969.

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