Richard Jones

with a chapter on Distributed Garbage Collection by R. Lins

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, ISBN 0-471-94148-4
403 pages, hardback

This book considers how dynamic memory can be recycled automatically to guarantee error-free memory management. There is an abundant but disparate literature on garbage collection, largely confined to research papers. This book sets out to pool this experience in a single accessible and unified framework.

"The sort of comprehensive engineering manual that is so rare in computing."
Gregory V. Wilson, Dr. Dobb's Journal, September, 1997.

"I like the book because of its high standards of scholarship. I put it alongside Knuth's series."
Mario Wolzko, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems Laboratories.

The 1999 printing includes an improved index. Confusingly, this printing has the same ISBN as the 1996 one (the modifications were insufficient to warrant a new edition) and online booksellers typically cite it as 1996.

o Contents
o Preface
o Bibliography
o Figures
For the benefit of instructors and others who might wish to include figures from the book in presentations etc, here is a tarred and gzipped archive of all the figures in the book. The archive is organised by named (rather than numbered) chapters, and the figures are also logically named rather than numbered (so you'll have to search for the figure you want - sorry).
If you use a figure, please include a suitable acknowledgement.
o Errata
While not having the courage to repeat Donald Knuth's offer of cash for errors reported, I would be grateful to receive any comments. I shall endeavour to maintain a list of any errors discovered.

The 1999 printing corrects the errors of the earlier printings.

o Reviews
A list of reviews, some on-line.
o Translations
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