Richard Jones

with a chapter on Distributed Garbage Collection by Rafael Lins

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, ISBN 0-471-94148-4
403 pages, hardback


Those reviews of the book that I know of are listed below.
James Gosling's Recommended Reading
"For many people, Java is the first language they've used with automatic garbage collection. While it may seem like new technology, it's actually been around for a very long time and is a well studied field. This book is a good tour through all the gritty details of many GC algorithms and covers the tradeoffs that distinguish them."

Journal of Functional Programming, 7(2), pp. 227-229, March 1997, CUP
"This book is an excellent and up-to-date survey of garbage collection algorithms and techniques. Functional programmers have always needed garbage collection, to reclaim unused data structures and function closures, but the rest of the world is now discovering that safe programming requires an automatic garbage collector ... The Jones and Lins book will likely be the definitive text and reference book on garbage collection for the twentieth century."
Review by Andrew Appel

Dr Dobb's Journal, September 1997
"Whatever else Java has accomplished, it has finally brought garbage collection into the mainstream. The efficiency and correctness of garbage collection algorithms is henceforth going to be of concern to hundreds and thousands of programmers; those who really care about this could do no better than to start with Garbage Collection:Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management... the sort of comprehensive engineering manual that is so rare in computing."
Review by Gregory V. Wilson

Computing Reviews, September 1997, 9709-0653, pp.423-424.

CVu, 8(6), September 1996
Journal of the Association of C and C++ Users

Lavoisier Management Nouveautes, 42, May 1996

Slashdot, March 1999
Review by A.M. Kuchling and others

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