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Zhang, X. et al. (2017). Effective Interactive Resolution of Static Analysis Alarms. Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages [Online] 1. Available at:
Grigore, R. and Tzevelekos, N. (2016). History-Register Automata. Logical Methods in Computer Science [Online] 12:1-32. Available at:
Conference or workshop item
Si, X. et al. (2017). Maximum Satisfiability in Software Analysis: Applications and Techniques. in: 29th International Conference, CAV 2017. Springer, pp. 68-94. Available at:
Mikolas, J., Radu, G. and Vasco, M. (2017). On the Quest for an Acyclic Graph. in: 24th RCRA International Workshop on "Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion".
Grigore, R. (2017). Java Generics are Turing Complete. in: POPL 2017: Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages. ACM, pp. 73-85. Available at:
Bruna, M. et al. (2016). Proving the Herman-Protocol Conjecture. in: Chatzigiannakis, I. et al. eds. ICALP 2016. Dagstuhl, Germany: Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, pp. 104:1-104:12. Available at:
Grigore, R. (2016). Abstraction Refinement Guided by a Learnt Probabilistic Model. in: Principles of Programming Languages. Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 485-498. Available at:
Grigore, R. and Kiefer, S. (2015). Tree Buffers. in: Computer Aided Verification. pp. 290-306. Available at:
Zhang, X. et al. (2014). On abstraction refinement for program analyses in Datalog. in: Programming Language Design and Implementation. New York, USA: Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 239-248. Available at:
Grigore, R. and Kiefer, S. (2018). Selective Monitoring. in: 29th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2018), 4--7 September 2018, Beijing, China. Germany: LIPICS. Available at:
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