hcidc homework for 4th January

In January, we'll be looking at the instructional design of our courses. By “instructional design” we mean the ways in which we choose to convey the content of our courses—sometimes that will be lectures, sometimes classroom-sessions, it may be via studio-time, or even labs. “Instructional design” can also include elements of finer-grained design, such as specific techniques for teaching specific content—icons, symbols, error messages etc.

Things to think about:

... and something to look at


Although this is schools-based, it’s interesting for us. Partly because there are a lot of methods there. So there are some obvious questions, such as “do the methods fit the content?” and “do the methods help students achieve the learning objectives?” But take a look at the form of the presentations, too—do the video clips make good artefacts? Would you include video in your portfolio?

This means there are things to bring with you on January 4th.

Some of these are concrete:

Some are less tangible:


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