The IDEO method cards are divided into four "suits", drawing on their playing card metaphor. They are defined as:
Learn Look Ask Try
Activity analysis A Day in the Life Camera Journal Behavior Sampling
Affinity Diagrams Behavioral Archaeology Card Sort Be Your Customer
Anthropomorphic Analysis Behavioral Mapping Cognitive Maps Bodystorming
Character Profiles Fly on the Wall Collage Empathy Tools
Cognitive Task Analysis Guided Tours Conceptual Landscape Experience Prototype
Competetive Product Survey Personal Inventory Cultural Probes Informance
Cross-Cultural Comparisons Rapid Ethnography Draw the Experience Paper Prototyping
Error Analysis Shadowing Extreme User Interviews Predict Next Year's Headlines
Flow Analysis Social Network Mapping Five Whys? Quick-and-Dirty Prototyping
Historical Analysis Still-Photo Survey Foreign Correspondents Role-Playing
Long-Range Forecasts Time-Lapse Video Narration Scale Modeling
Secondary Research Surveys & Questionnaires Scenarios
Unfocus Group Scenario Testing
Word-Concept Association Try it Yourself