Patterns for HCI

I helped organise a workshop at CHI 2003 Perspectives on HCI patterns: concepts and tools. You can find all the position papers on the workshop website .

In June 2002, I presented a paper at the 14th PPIG workshop: Patterns for HCI and Cognitive Dimensions: two halves of the same story? Here is a revised version. You may also like to look at the accompanying powerpoint slides which have some pretty illustrations.

Also in June 2002, I gave a paper, written with Ian Utting, at the 7th Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) conference. Although addressing a different domain, the ideas here are complementary to the pattern endeavour in HCI. Here's the paper Pedagogical Patterns: their Place in the Genre and the associated powerpoint slides. (There are parts of the paper copied into the "notes" section of the slides).

In November 2000, I took part in a BCS HCI Group/IFIP WG 13.2 Workshop on HCI Patterns. Here is my position paper "Capture of Practice": Is it obvious?

Following up an idea sparked at the CHI'00 workshop, I have started to gather together examples of the various forms which HCI authors have devised for their patterns. See The Pattern Gallery

I was invited to give a talk to the British Computer Society's HCI group on Design Patterns for User Interface Development, April 2000. You can read through the powerpoint slides if you want.

I joined the CHI 2000 patterns workshop. Here is the postion paper I wrote with Peter Windsor Why patterns are not enough: some suggestions concerning an organising principle for patterns of UI design

I participated in the Patterns workshop at INTERACT'99 in Edinburgh. Here is my position paper What is a Pattern Language? (Which is the same paper submitted to CHI'99 as part of a late-breaking suite organised by Jan Borchers. He has a copy of all of the papers in that suite on his patterns page.)

I published Analysis of Design: An Exploration of Patterns and Pattern Languages for Pedagogy in the December 1999 Special Issue (on Computer Science Education) of the Journal for Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

I took part in a CHI workshop in 1997. You can find the report on The Interaction Design Patterns Home Page maintained by Tom Erickson who was one of the organisers. It was also published in the SIGCHI Bulletin, 30 1, Jan 1998.
All these papers (and this page) can be found from the home page of Sally Fincher.