PLML: Pattern Language Markup Language
(pronounced "Pell-Mell")

PLML is, I hope, an on-going project. It grew out of an occassion where two sets of people were joined together - one set who had thought about the structure of patterns for a long time, and a second set who were variously involved in building tools to support pattern-usage in UI design. This page simply brings together work I know of about, and/or using, PLML. Let me know if you have anything you want me to add.

  • Participants at the CHI2003 workshop Perspectives on HCI patterns: concepts and tools devised an XML DTD for PLML. You can check out the workshop site which includes the workshop write-up and report (pdf). The report (.doc) provides background and context for its construction, as well as the DTD itself.
  • The DTD is also available from the hcipatterns website
  • Some of the participants of the The CHI2004 workshop Human-Computer-Human Interaction Patterns: Workshop on the human role in HCI Patterns put their submissions into PLML form. They described to me how PLML had been useful to them in thinking about what to put in their patterns at all, as well as how to structure them. That's what I call success.
    There is a full description available of what they did in their workshop.
  • Diethelm Bienhaus was a participant in the 2004 workshop and says "I did some work incorporating PLML and DocBook and writing XSLT stylesheets to convert PLML to PDF" Here are details of his extended PLML. I have some concerns with regard to this particular formation (you can read them here if you're interested) and I believe that Diethelm has updated his extension: however, this is the most current version I have.

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