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Dec 2016: BBC Radio 4 Documentary on our research on bedside assessment for patients in vegetative and minimally conscious states.

Nov 2016: My ThinkKent talk on the mohawk of consciousness.

July 2016: Video of my talk at the Wellcome Collection's States of Mind exhibition event on The Narrative of Consciousness

January 2016: Our PLOS Computational Biology article about brain connectivity during transition to unconsciousness during propofol sedation was covered by science media, including the BBC and the Daily Mail:

October 2015: My commentary on the remarkable recovery of Clodagh Dunlop from a locked-in state after a stroke.

October 2014: Our PLOS Computational Biology article characterising resting state brain networks in disorders of consciousness received extensive public and media interest, including from:

Wired Magazine BBC News New Scientist The Independent
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung The Times of India The Telegraph of India Scientific American
BBC Radio 4 Today 17/10/2014 ABC AM 17/10/2014 BBC World Service 29/10/2014

May 2014: My commentary on recent advances in the neuroimaging of consciousness, featured on Inside Science on BBC Radio 4.

November 2013: In the research leading up to our Neuroimage: Clinical article, we used EEG to show that a vegetative patient was able to flexibly direct selective attention to words. This was covered by many news stories, including:

BBC News The Washington Post Der Spiegel The Verge

June 2012: My Radio Wiltshire commentary on the remarkable case of Mr. Tony Nicklinson and his right-to-die appeal.

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