The AETHER distribution, Aldor--.tar. Please mail Simon Thompson to receive a binary distribution of the modified Aldor compiler.

Currently, AETHER accepts the following command-line parameters:

AETHER [Options...] AST_FILE
where AST_FILE is a Haskell (.hs) file containing the Abstract Syntax Tree of the Aldor-- program being type-checked. That file was generated by the axiomxl compiler invoked with -Fhs option.

The following AETHER options are recognised:

print some internal debugging information and warnings
do not cache evaluation results. For the time being, using this option IS RECOMMENDED, although it will slow down the type-checking process somewhat.
use strong form of type-checking within the evaluation engine, in contrast to the default mode, in which the "weak" (more permissive) form is used. Note that this option only affects the (multi-)evaluation engine, not the strength of the top-level Aldor-- type-checker. It is provided mostly for experimental purposes and is not recommended.
the maximum recursion depth within the evaluation engine. The default value is 1000.
the maximum depth of recursive Alpha-, Delta-equivalence tests. The default is 10. Most tests would succeed or fail at depth 1.

The RUN script provides integration of the axiomxl compiler and the AETHER. It can be invoked as

where the AS_FILE is an Aldor-- source file, and the -f option (RECOMMENDED) forces the script to proceed with running AETHER even if axiomxl returned a non-0 error code (except syntax errors). It is quite normal for axiomxl to generate errors (in particular, type errors) on valid Aldor-- programs. If there are no syntax errors, axiomxl still generates a valid Haskell AST file which is then used as a source for AETHER. The latter performs actual type-checking of the Aldor-- program in question.

Last modified 07.01.03