JFP: Book review guidelines

Please mail Simon Thompson if you would like to review books for the Journal of Functional Programming; here are some books currently available for review, but suggestions of other books to review are also very welcome.

These guidelines are not intended to tell you exactly what a review should be like; rather they are offered as hints about points a review might visit, as well as suggesting some pitfalls to avoid.

What is the purpose of a book review in JFP?

The principal aim of a book review is to appraise critically both the material in the book and the way in which it is presented.

It can also be used as a springboard to launch an intellectual discussion: should functional programming be taught in a particular way; what are the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to state in functional languages; and so forth.

What should it contain?


There is no preferred length of review although a typical review might be between 1000 and 1500 words; reviewers should judge the appropriate length in the light of the guidelines and the book in question.

Reviews are acceptable on paper or electronically and should be sent to:

Simon Thompson