Chapter 13
Infinite lists



The basics

The basics of infinite lists are explored in Sections 13.1 and 13.2; studying these will be sufficient to gain a working knowledge of infinite structures. The following section completes the simulation study, which is to be found in the Simulation directory of the code distribution.


Much of the remainder of the chapter examines how interactions may be programmed in Miranda. This is relevant because interactive programming is a useful tool, but the material also provides a case study of a substantial abstype built on top of a polymorphic higher-order implementation.


The material on proof in Section 13.7 can only offer examples of general proofs. If the material is not covered, it would be worth pointing out that techniques for reasoning about infinite (and partial) lists exist, and can extend many earlier results to these extended domains.


This technique can be extended to networks of processes (as in Section 13.2) by allowing a number of evaluations to go on in parallel. On paper we need to write them side-by-side.

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Written 18 May 1995.