Functional and Declarative Programming in Education (FDPE02)

A one day workshop at PLI'02, Monday 7 October 2002





Functional and declarative programming plays an increasingly important role in computing education at all levels. The aim of this workshop is to bring together educators and others who are interested in exchanging ideas on how to use a functional or declarative programming style in the classroom.


The workshop is intended to cover a wide spectrum of functional and declarative programming techniques: Furthermore, the workshop will also cover all levels of education:


The proceedings will appear as a technical report of University of Kiel and also at the Web site for the workshop. Attendees at the workshop will receive a copy of the proceedings.


Michael Hanus Shriram Krishnamurthi Simon Thompson
University of Kiel, Germany Brown University, RI, USA University of Kent, UK

Proceedings of FDPE99, the previous workshop in this series, held in Paris, are available here.

Last modified 16 September 2002.