Functional and Declarative Programming in Education (FDPE05)

A one day workshop on Sunday, 25 September at ICFP05.

The proceedings are now available at the ACM Portal .

Here's the short presentation by Kenichi Asai in the 'tips and tricks' session from the workshop.


Functional and declarative programming plays an increasingly important role in computing education at all levels. The aim of this workshop is to bring together educators and others who are interested in exchanging ideas on how to use a functional or declarative programming style in the classroom or in e-learning environments.


The workshop will cover a wide spectrum of functional and declarative programming techniques: Furthermore, the workshop will also cover all levels of education:


The proceedings will be published by SIGPLAN.


Submissions will be sought in two forms:

Submissions now live at .

Submissions will be refereed by the program organisers who will call upon other members of the functional/declarative programming community for expert advice.

Participants who choose to deliver a standard presentation are asked to submit a draft PDF paper of five pages; presenters of short talks are asked to submit an abstract of 250 words. These should be submitted by June 5, 2005. Comments from the organizers and notice of acceptance will be sent to authors by June 20, 2005, and submission of final, revised, versions will be required by July 12, 2005.

Proceedings will be handled by Sheridan publishing, who regularly work for ACM. Templates etc for ACM styles are available at


Robby Findler Michael Hanus Simon Thompson
The University of Chicago, USA University of Kiel, Germany University of Kent, UK

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