Before you report a bug

Before you report a bug in CXXR, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you are using the latest release of CXXR. If you can check that your problem still persists even in the latest revision under Subversion, that is better still.
  2. Verify that your problem does not also occur in the corresponding release of CR (i.e. the standard R system); if it does, then unless it causes you serious problems please do not report it as a CXXR bug. (There are two reasons for this. First, if a bug affects both CR and CXXR, it is more important that it is fixed quickly in CR - with its huge user base - than in CXXR. Second, if a bug is going to be fixed in some future release of CR anyway, we do not want to spend time second-guessing how it will be fixed: this is time-consuming in itself, and if we guess wrong it can mean complications when we eventually synchronise CXXR with the release of CR that fixes the bug.)
  3. Check the porting guide to verify that the difference in behaviour isn't intentional.
  4. Browse the existing CXXR problem reports to check that your problem has not already been reported.

How to report a bug

For the moment, please simply email me at the address given at the foot of this page, including the phrase 'CXXR BUG' in the subject line. Please remember to include information about your platform, and an R script - preferably a short one - exhibiting the problem.